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    Magnesium Spray

    Magnesium spray bypasses the side effects of oral magnesium and is absorbed directly through the skin.

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    Transdermal Magnesium Therapy

    Transdermal Magnesium Therapy, made popular by Dr. Mark Sircus, brings convenience and affordability to magnesium therapy.

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    Magnesium Health Benefits

    A complete view of the health benefits of magnesium, and its overall impact on health & wellness.


Why Magnesium Oil?

Magnesium oil is a revolutionary new way to get your magnesium, absorbed through the skin. Benefits include:

Magnesium Oil, Nature’s Gift of Good Health

Magnesium oil is a highly concentrated, water-based solution of magnesium chloride and water that is easily applied, rapidly absorbed, and highly effective for therapeutic applications. It is the most common form of transdermal magnesium therapy, a magnesium treatment which means, literally, “through the skin”. Transdermal magnesium oil is simply applied onto the skin with a convenient spray dispenser as needed.

Magnesium oil is not actually oil and it does not contain oil. It is known as “oil” because it feels slippery to the touch due to its high concentration. Magnesium oil is rapidly absorbed and its high concentration means that small quantities can provide relatively large therapeutic effects. Users typically apply up to one ounce (and sometimes more) per day directly on skin (“topically”). This amount will typically be absorbed rapidly and immediately begin to increase magnesium levels in the body.

Excellent absorption may be obtained by applying the oil liberally over arms and legs (and other areas) in order to ensure that it covers a wide surface area for maximum absorption.

Magnesium chloride oil may be diluted with water (1:1) before topical application to reduce its concentration, for example, if there is any mild irritation after applying it. It may be mixed into skin lotions or applied as massage oil. However, other oils or lotions previously applied to skin may interfere with uptake of magnesium in the body, thereby lowering the amount of magnesium oil the skin absorbs.

One teaspoon of Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil provides 569 mg of elemental magnesium.

Pure Magnesium Oil

The purest magnesium oil incorporates magnesium chloride sourced from ancient sea beds deep underground. Natural magnesium oils can be sourced from condensed, evaporated seawater. However, seabed magnesium oil is the purest because of the pristine conditions deep underground where the source lies protected. In addition, seawater-source magnesium chloride is not considered as pure as seabed magnesium chloride because ocean water contains contaminants that can be difficult to completely remove through filtration.

Derived from deposits formed in the ancient ocean hundreds of millions of years ago, truly pure magnesium chloride oil differs substantially in purity from magnesium oils sourced from present-day ocean water. The higher purity and quality exhibited by ancient seabed magnesium makes it the most sought after magnesium available.

Not all forms of magnesium chloride are naturally derived. Chemically-synthesized magnesium chloride (hexahydrate) is used for pharmaceutical, industrial, and agricultural applications. This form of magnesium chloride typically is created via a chemical reaction between magnesium hydroxide and hydrochloric acid.1 This form of magnesium chloride generally is more contaminated than naturally sourced magnesium chloride. For example, Dr. Mark Sircus, author of the book Transdermal Magnesium Therapy, estimates that pharmaceutical-grade magnesium chloride frequently contains twenty-five times more heavy metals than seawater derived magnesium oil.2 In contrast, tests on ancient seabed magnesium chloride indicate its extreme purity. Tests of an ancient-seabed-sourced magnesium failed to detect mercury (using test equipment exhibiting sensitivity thresholds as low as 2 parts per billion).3

Also, because synthetic magnesium chloride is not naturally sourced, it lacks the other minerals that are present in natural sources (i.e., magnesium chloride from ancient sea beds or from condensed seawater), which typically contain a broad spectrum of minerals.

As noted, synthetic magnesium chloride generally is the most contaminated form of magnesium chloride. Synthetic magnesium chloride consequently is the least desirable for transdermal applications because of its potentially high levels of toxic contaminants (such as heavy metals) and its failure to provide a broad spectrum of minerals.

The best form of magnesium chloride is naturally-derived and pure. Ancient Minerals brand magnesium oil is a pure magnesium oil sourced from ancient sea beds, specifically the Zechstein seabed, which lies a mile deep below the surface of the earth in northern Europe. The pure magnesium chloride deposits in this seabed formed over 250 million years ago and have never been exposed to modern pollution or industrial contaminants and remain protected deep beneath the earth.

Trandermal Magnesium Chloride Oil, Nature’s Gift to Good Health

To learn more about topical magnesium oil and its advantages, explore the pages of this site, which provide answers to questions about transdermal magnesium therapy as well as the many benefits of magnesium for health and wellness.

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