Magnesium Oil Benefits

Magnesium Oil Health Benefits

When using transdermal magnesium oil, you can expect a wide range of benefits.

Magnesium oil is a form of topically-applied magnesium chloride that is absorbed through the skin and applied as a magnesium spray or in the form of baths, gel or lotion. Magnesium oil’s uses and many benefits reflect the fundamental importance of magnesium for good health.

Health Benefits of Magnesium Oil

Transdermal application of magnesium chloride offers key advantages over other means of administration.

The benefits of magnesium oil include:

  • Safely, easily, and conveniently applied (e.g., rubbed or sprayed) onto skin
  • May be applied directly to skin or used in baths and footbaths
  • Rapidly absorbed for uptake into cells, tissue, organs, and bloodstream
  • Saturates tissues (unlike oral supplements) making larger amounts rapidly available to the body
  • Rapid local effects on muscles, connective tissues, and skin (unlike oral supplements)
  • Skin absorption is self-regulating
  • Skin absorbs more magnesium than can be absorbed using oral supplements
  • Lower cost per dose than many orally-administered magnesium supplements
  • Bypasses processing by the liver (unlike oral supplements)
  • Does not involve the gastrointestinal upset or loose stools associated with oral magnesium supplementation
  • Lower cost per dose than intravenous or intramuscular injections, which typically are administered by health professionals
  • Does not involve pain associated with magnesium injections
  • No special equipment required
  • Available in several forms, including magnesium oil, flakes, and gel

Magnesium Oil Uses

Symptoms and health conditions benefiting from transdermal magnesium therapy range from acute conditions (e.g., myocardial infarction, stroke) to those encountered frequently by many people (e.g., stress-related muscle tension, migraine headaches).1

So, the uses for magnesium oil are as numerous as the uses for magnesium itself. When individuals using topical magnesium oil increase their magnesium levels sufficiently to reverse deficiency and restore optimal levels in the body, they stand to gain all the health benefits of magnesium.

Magnesium therapy using transdermal magnesium chloride oil offers a unique set of benefits that collectively surpasses benefits provided by other forms magnesium. Each form of magnesium offers its own advantages, however the uniqueness of magnesium oil benefits – ease of use, affordability and convenience – make it an easy choice for those wishing to increase their daily magnesium intake.

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